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Just an average guy, helping spread Dash pay to the masses. #GotDash?
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Latest from the Blog..

Dash is broken, and has an identity crisis.

I joined the Dash community on 12/1/2015 right after watching the old “What is Dash?” video because if what I was understanding was true,  the world really was about to change and I was g...

DashNDrink.com – Buy Soda w/Dash!

I recently had the chance to build out a website for one of the coolest Cryptocurrency projects I have had a hand in lately, www.DashNDrink.com and I just wanted to take a moment and share it with eve...

Evan Duffield @ TNABC on Jan 22nd

Dash foundation members will be handing out small amounts of Dash on paper wallets to everyone who wants to test out the Dash powered Soda Machine during the conference. We invite you to come enjoy E...

Benefits Of Dash

Low Fees

With Dash fees are much lower than banks or credit cards; often even there is no fee – you don’t get charged a lot to use your own money and you can send micro-payments anywhere in the world.


Dash payments are received instantly by the other party thanks to InstantX technology.


Keep your payments and identity private so nobody can track you thanks to Darksend technology.


Dash is secure, there are no 3rd parties and you can be in control of your own money.

Digital Cash

Dash is as private (if not more) as paying in cash. It really is digital cash.

Virtual Companies

Dash can be used to build real life virtual corporations, built within the Dash network, governed via the Dash network, and funded via the Dash network. This is huge.

Virtual Budgeting

Decentralized Budgeting has been built into the Dash programming and the future of budgeting is upon us.

The Future

Dash is creating the future of the virtual world, and decentralizing the internet of things starting with currency, companies & voting.

Download The Dash Wallet from Dash.org